repal Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 8:59 PM
being the sum of these and the ultimate responsibility of Congress. H-Clinton and T-Geithner work together and are in charge of negotiating US-China-Trade Policy, US-China Strategic Economic Dialogue, A forum-mechanism under which the 2 countries address global areas of immediate-long-term strategic-economic interest. In 2009 the SED was expanded to give US State Dept H-Clinton, a bigger role by the Obama admin. The Obama Admin has had 4 years, but they added 6-Trillion-$$ to the National Debt, Why reward them with another 4 years ? Lets get a new team in there and let them show us that they get the message, Recover the nations-economy-citizens-finances, close tax-loopholes for Corps-upper-income. Regulations-where-needed for Wall-St