StillStandingHisGround Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 2:30 PM
byeBarry: Regarding your 2:25pm post: as I've oft-posted on this since the story broke, Obama campaign finance majordomo Penny Pritziker's apparent engineering of the purchase of that $35 million estate for the Obamas in Hawaii that will be ready for immediate occupancy in January 2013 indicates to ME that Obama is apparently NOT going to attempt an all-out by-all-means-possible-and-any-means-necessary attempt to stay in the White House after January 20 if the voters say no on Nov. 6 or if he FEARS they will that day. If Obama is determined to stay in the White House after January 20 come hell or high water regardless of the election results, then the purchase of that estate at this time makes no sense at all to me.