Original2 Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 12:26 PM
To those who love the "fair share" argument... I'm pretty certain "fair share" is what some drone bureaucrat will determine is a "living wage". That will be- what? $25,000? $35,000? maybe less, maybe more, but in that ballpark for a family of 4. Anything you earn in excess of that should be taken by the government because you will not "need" any more. A nice 1000 sq ft home or apartment is plenty for 4 people. One modest sedan is plenty for 4 people. 4 changes of clothes will be ample for any person for a week. This reasoning can hardly be argued with, right? If you buy into the "from each according to his ability: to each according to their need" mindset, smart hardworking people should contribute the most continued..