DedeGreene Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 11:55 AM
Am I missing something? This is not a high school football game, and "Biden" has come out, kicked a "field goal" to give his team the win. Are we all still in high school here? Obama, . . Romney spanked YOUR A** ON NATIONAL T.V.! ! ! ! You SHOWED US YOU have no plan to get us above water, no understanding of economics, except to HOPE it gets better? How does Joe interrupting Ryan fifty times show you as a leader worthy of four more? Score keeping is stupid! Chris Matthews, with your crazy a**, . you need to understand we don 't owe PO, his "first AA presidency" or the Dems anything. This is not about your party, . . you loons! Republicans, we doesn't owe your party. either. Do your job or go home.