EddieInFL Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 11:06 AM
Cutting the budget over a "10 year plan" is totally ridiculous! We are spending about $1.3 trilling PER YEAR more than comes in. You can only make a long range "best guess"--but so many factors come in over time that it is impossible to be accurate over a long time period without modifications along the way. But the politicians know that the people are "dumb" and don't get it. When they say, for example, that they will but the budget by $4 trillion "over 10 years", that does not necessarily mean that they will cut it at all THIS year! But the people hear "$4 trillion" and think these clowns are saving money. The real questions need to be: 1--What are we going to cut THIS YEAR? 2--Are we going to raise taxes THIS YEAR?