C.61 Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 11:05 AM
In response to Lochdriver, if you don't vote for Romney,we will lose this country,if Obama is re-elected! This is not someone who is a right wing nut,but with Obama's re-election,this country,as we have understood it,will cease to exist. Our children will have NO future,because the Obama policies will be to hard to turn around after 2016, I'd vote for Charlie Sheen over Obama. He actually makes alot more sense. Don't waste your vote by not voting for Romney. This is your most important vote in the history of tjhis great nation!If you have children,this is doubly important. Obama doesn't like this country and it becomes more obvious everyday! Biden is as scary as Obama. Jusy watch the debates. The guy doesn't have a clue!