C.61 Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 10:55 AM
Come on Independents and Libertarians. I saw that slug CEO from Overstock .com on TV. He said he didn't like either candidate. Doesn't he realize with Obama getting elected,this country will cease to exist in four years. At least there would be some welcome input from Republicans on some Liberatarian ideas. I support Romney,but also like some of the Libertarian ideas. Obama HATES Libertarians and right now has Facist concepts. If you look up the term Facist,and what it means,that's Obama! If Obama is re-elected,our children have NO future! None,zip, zero, nada! Chris Matthews,that race baiter from MSNBC,is going nuts because of these polls. He is the scariest guy on TV.because if you criticize Obama,you are a racist!