Antipas Metochos Wrote:
Oct 13, 2012 5:02 AM
Great answer, and one to be expected. So, where exactly do you live now, and in what type of domicile, and do you drive a Ford 150 4 X 4, have a second car for your wife and kids, and have a nice steak dinner a few times a month and a few dollars in the bank? Or, do you live in a Maurice Strong, Al Gore, George Soros, Barack Obama-approved Zutu hut burning cow sh!t for heat and cooking, drive a donkey cart through muddy ruts in order to take your suffering child to the hospital, and take your wife to the dog-pound for dinner when they have the annual weenie roast serving up the villiage animals that have died in the past year? Stick with your paradigm--and it will all be yours!