Chicagoray40 Wrote:
Oct 12, 2012 8:35 PM
This is so accurate it's funny. Not to diminish his predictions but I see hillbillies coming down from the hills in West Virginia who haven't voted in 30 years to get this guy out of office, along with seniors who haven't left their houses in decades and on and on... when that happens democrats don't have a chance and then you have the Stacey Dash African Americans who know Obama's not one of them, never was and hasn't done a damn thing for them in 4 years and never even promised he would. Sure he's looting the middle class but that's to send money to his real benefactors. THE RADICAL MUSLIMS who ACT like they hate him but they know he's on their team and always has been, a Muslim Brotherhood member if there ever was one. He's down