repal Wrote:
Oct 12, 2012 3:51 PM
D-Morris on Hannity's radio show, Spoke about the "UN-Obama-Admins-Covert-Plan" to take control of the USA's $$, Sovereignty by promoting their, "UN Agenda 21 Green-Propaganda-Platform-Programs" Called "Environmental-Sustainability-Projects" That "Trick-Trap-PC-Librl-Green and ALL-Types" USA-Cities-Towns-Local-Govts Into Lrg-$-Cmplx-Legly-Bindng-Obligatry-Loan-$ This is about to be perpetrated onto the USA with a massive-GW-Carbon-Tax-Credits-UN-Treaty In 2012 ! All-with Obama's-Admin-Cbnt-Agncs-Depts-EPA's Cooperation ! A Rep Pres-Admin-Cabinet-Congress will not go along with the UN's Agenda 21 ! A major reason why Romney is 10,000 x better than Cmnst-Mrxst-Obama, all Ind-women-lbrtrn-cnstn-prty should-must vote for M-R - P-R 2012