Primus54 from Ohio Wrote:
Oct 12, 2012 11:16 AM
Romney_Fired_My_Mom Wrote: 1 minute ago (11:11 AM): "Moderator: "How will you balance the budget with your massive tax cut plan for the wealthy"? Paul Ryan: "I have no idea. If I did know, we wouldn't tell ya because it'll cost us middle-class votes. Romney-Ryan is going to rape the middle class. But shhh, we can't let them know until after the election."" ---------- Really? But Obama/Biden already raped the middle class with Obamacare. That was their only argument with the SCOTUS... to say Obamacare is a "tax". Otherwise SCOTUS said they would have ruled "unconstitutional". You really gotta get new talking-points, Libsquirt.