dgreene Wrote:
Oct 12, 2012 10:53 AM
Dumb post! As a conservative republican, I'm for less taxes-not only on the 'rich', but everybody! And one of the lies that you apparently believe, is that the 'rich' doesn't pay their 'fair share'! So let's ask YOU (since you know so much) just how much money does said rich PAY in taxes? What percentage of the total of taxes collected is from said rich, and where does the money come from? How much taxes do YOU pay as a liberal? I don't mind telling you that as a republican I don't pay taxes! I don't pay taxes because I'm poor and don't have to! My family makes less than 14K / yr! No job! Because of Obama's taxes and healthcare, there won't be any jobs! Because no small businessman can afford to hire! Do I care how much Steve Jobs made?