Ohso2 Wrote:
Oct 12, 2012 12:34 AM
Norma McCorvey's Lawyers (Jane Roe v. Wade) upped the stakes from a voluntary pregnancy for boyfriend manipulation purposes that failed To not just Rape - but Gang Rape... To spice up the case & sympathy votes - and maybe even catch the 'rapist' - like they did at Duke U not long ago,. only different. The University of CA Teaches that "Gang Rape Represents Normal Male Sexuality, the Abuse of Womyn for Fun" And anyone who disagrees - gets a Secret visit from the Campus Gsystapo (real ones with guns & badges) to their employer - demanding an example be made of those Male Pigs who ask such 'loaded questions" Daring expose the Gaystapo Kommisars of the Fool Bully Squad - running the twysted Systerhoods male bashing machine.