DrBarbara Wrote:
Oct 11, 2012 11:51 AM
Okay, Mr. Faultroy sir, us womens will be good. You don't have to hit us no more. We be good little females. We won't have no babies if you says it be bad. We will kill our babies if you says it is good. We will vote for the monkey if that what you want. We sorry all societies ills is being dumped on our feets. We clean it up nice and good like you always wants, Mr. Faultroy, sir. That being said, I have never read such an arrogant, uninformed piece of idiocy in my life! You have to be one of those Male Chauvenist Pigs that made such a fuss when women wanted to put on some shoes and come out of the kitchen! I cannot remember when I have been as disgusted by a comment as much as I am yours. "..women are completely reactionary." Wrong!