McD2004 Wrote:
Oct 11, 2012 9:56 AM
Not so sure he was "made in Kenya." Check out the expose' "Dreams from my REAL Father." This theory sure has a sickening ring of truth to it and takes research a step farther than DeSouza's "2016." You can buy the DVD on or stream the video on Netflix. If you're in a swing state, maybe you received a DVD in the mail. It lays out the Communists' plan from the 60s, which Obama neatly fit into. He does resemble Frank Marshall Davis much more than Obama Sr. It's in the lip. There's a ridge on the upper lip that both BOJr and Davis have that BOSr doesn't have and other similarities that make me give credence to the frightening theory laid out by Joel Gilbert. We all knew BO has been lying all along and now we see how.