pitar Wrote:
Oct 11, 2012 7:27 AM
Vote for Romney because with M-R; J-DeMint, Rand Paul, S-King, M-Lee, P-Ryan, S-Walker, Kris Kobach-author-AZ-SB-1070-law who's on M-R's cmpn-team, Brewer, Haley, Bachman, Palin, Martinez, alot more like them, will have alot more influence-power in the US Govt, be put into the Pres Cabinet. running Fed-Prgrms-Depts-Agncs ! You also get rid of BHO's miserable anti-American-Leftist-Liberal-Comnst-Marxst-filled-Cabinet, some anti-US Fed-Prgrms-Depts-Agncs, all Leftst-Liberl-Chrmn-Dirs ! M-R must get along with all "TP-Cons-Cngrsmn-Sens, Obama won't !