pitar Wrote:
Oct 10, 2012 6:00 PM
With Romney, In order to get along with his Party, support-base he has to choose Conservative USSC Judges ! M-R is supported by J-DeMint, R-Paul, S-King, M-Lee, J-Brewer, N-Haley, w/M-R they'll have alot more Govt influence, Obama will never work with JD, RP, SK, ML, JB, NH ! M-R has better, economic-policies-practices, domestic-oil-policy, less depndnc on foreign oil ! "Malor reductions in unneeded, unwarranted, wasteful-$, Federal $pending !" Fed-Entitlmnts: US-citzns, legal-resdnts, illegal-aliens ! Fed-Prgrms-dpts-agncs-dvsns-ofcs, chrs-dirs-dptys-assts-wrkrs ! Author of AZ-SB-1070 Kris Kobach is on M-R's campaign team ! Obama's a Covert-Comunst-Marxst, Romney's is a mod-Cons-Rep who can get along with Reps, Cons, Inds, women !