Brian3769 Wrote:
Oct 09, 2012 9:30 AM
"Shout like hell and fight like devils!" cried Colonel Campbell to his men. Known ever after as the "Ghost Troop," the grim rebels fought their way up King's Mountain Indian-style, taking cover from tree to tree. Three British bayonet charges died away as the frontiersmen fell back, regrouped, and climbed higher; tomahawks were easier to wield in the undergrowth. An hour later Ferguson lay dead, his entire force killed, wounded, or captured. Angry Tennesseans avenged Loyalist and Tory atrocities by refusing to accept immediate surrender, and nine of the renegade leaders were later executed. The Over-Mountain Men stood around the Colonel’s corpse and peed on it. A similar fate awaits America's Libtard Betrayers on November 6.