Bob558 Wrote:
Oct 09, 2012 8:33 AM
'Bigoted'? Really? Why not go all in and call it racist? If you want to paint all Republicans as evil racists go right ahead. I think a lot of people are figuring out that we're not. Another word you could use would be 'accurate'. As in 'the term "lazy", as applied to Barrack Obama, is accurate.' Now if you want to make the charge that it is bigoted, I would tell you that you are a racist; Andrea Mitchell. I know hard working black people. They don't need or want government hand outs. What they want is to be left alone to succeed, without being impugned as an 'uncle Tom' or 'house slave'. So saying that the term 'lazy' as applied to Barrack Obama is not bigoted. Saying that it is IS RACIST. So go suck on that, Andrea.