cerin Wrote:
Oct 08, 2012 1:55 PM
-02, asks-answers the ? Who is Tim Geithner ? "T-G is part of the Estrn-Bankng-Estab and Ruling-Class. His résumé matches his actions, handing out Govt-$$ and guarantees to the "right people." T-G’s grandfather, Charles Moore, was the "V-Pres-Ford-Motor-Co." and an adviser to Pres-Eisenhower Obama used Tony Rezko to launder $100-million-taxpayer-$$ while BHO was still an IL-St-Senator. Geithner is BHO's right hand in accessing the T-Rezko-type people at the National-Level for Obama and the Dem's while BHO's Pres ! Spies, Lies, Barack-Barry-Davis-Soetoro-Obama and His Mom Ann-Dunham-Obama-Soetoro cannonfire.blogspot.de200811spies-lies-barry-and-his-mom.html Tim Gethner's dad Peter, B-H-Obama, His mom Ann-D-O-Soetoro, and the CIA