Dbeaux2 Wrote:
Oct 08, 2012 12:44 PM
Why not just call girls boys? Marraige is a union between a man and one or more women. If you 'marry' a horse with an as s the result is a donkey. Why would anyone try and call it a horse? If you want to join two or more of the same things, it is simply more of that same thing and not a marraige. You can marry two dissimilar ideas to create a new idea. This is marraige. Rice plus rice is still rice. This is Not marraige. Bastardizing the meaning of a word is not necessary to accommodate unions or joinings of similar things even if you are pro homosexual. There is no such thing as a marraige of two identical things. A new or different word should be used, but I don't want the meaning of the word marraige to be unnecessarily changed.