GhostofPatrickHenry Wrote:
Oct 08, 2012 12:07 PM
I'm voting Romney/Ryan (holding my nose) 'cause voting for four more years of this Prez would require a name change for the country. USSA. I can't imagine why it would even be a close election. Would R/R make things better? Marginally perhaps, but better is still better. Reasons? Try: Fast and Furious, 16 trillion debt, 47 million on food stamps, Amtrac subsidised, SS in trouble, Medicare gutted to buy Obamacare, USPS broke, Lybia debacle, unabated "invasion" from Mexico, And Friends of the 'Bamster (by whom Ye shall be known) Ailes, Wright, Soros, Maher, Letterman, and Chavez to name a few. Well thanks, but no thanks !