milt3726 Wrote:
Oct 08, 2012 9:26 AM
Obama-Epic Failure: Gasoline $3.80… up 107.6% Unemployment fake numbers @ 7.8%… up 3.5% Bureau of Labor Alternative measures of labor under utilization U-6 Unchanged at 14.7% Democrats boo and try to evict God at DNC. Democrats pay tribute to Russian Navy at DNC. Food Stamp Recipients 46.7 million… up 31.7% More Americans Now Commit Suicide than Die in Car Crashes as Miserable Economy Takes Its Toll United States Ambassador to Libya and 3 staff KILLED BY MUSLIMS. Obama knew of terrorist attack but went to Las Vegas for a fund raiser Then Obama chooses 'The View' over private meetings at the UN Mob attacks US Embassy and burns flag in Egypt. Four More Years… Really?