derac Wrote:
Oct 08, 2012 8:27 AM
Tell the Romneey campaign not to get "too-hawkish" in his foreign policy speeches, Have a strong-but-cautious-balanced-approach, It won't sit-sell-well with the all important swing-states, carefully-watching-discerning, undecided, on the fence, Independent, women. Libertarn, Constn-Prty, voters, if M-R suddenly gets "too-hawkish" in his foreign policy speeches, instead of portraying the current-trending-popular-concensus, strong-but-cautious-balanced-foreign-policy-approach ! Tell M-R just don't overdo it, Everyone wants a Strong-Powerful-Massive-High-Tech-Conventional, National-Homeland-Security-Defense, Large-multi-front-capable-prepared-Military, But they'd rather not have to hear "So-Much" about "US-ME-Military-intertvention !"