nedir Wrote:
Oct 07, 2012 8:43 PM
With Romney, DeMint, Rand Paul, S-King, Sessions, M-Lee, Walker, West, Barletta, Kobach, Arpaio, Cruz, Brewer, Bachmann, Martinez, Palin, alot more like them will have US Govt influence ! Obama's the sworn political enemy of all TP-Cons-Rep-pols-citzns, M-R must get along with all of them, BHO absolutely won't ! The #1 priority is getting Obama out, wake up the Ind-women voters to reject the Traitorous-Treasonous Obamination ! Vote for pro-US-American mod-Cons Romney - Ryan ! This is our last chance to stop, Obama-Libs-Dems-Reid-Schumer-Durbin-Harkin-Leahy, Pelosi-Boxer-Murray-Jarrett-D-W-S-Axelrod-B-H-Clinton-Holder-Napolitano-Sabelius, ACLU-ACORN-MoveOn-SEIU, NAACP-NBPP, LaRaza-Lulac-MEChA-Aztlan, Mexicanification of US-America !