nedir Wrote:
Oct 07, 2012 8:42 PM
"Bush, Cheney started the Iraq war to enrich thier "Big Oil" buddies." That was a part of it too, But keeping China away from the Iraq oil fields was 1 of the main reasons, Sadam-Hussein was negotiating Iraq-oil-field-devlopmnt-drilling-oil-producing-contracts with China in 2003 ! That's why GB-2 went into Iraq, monitoring-countering Iran up close-personal was probably also a part of the 2003 ME-war-plans-motive-agenda ! Ann Dunham Frank M Davis Relationship Yields-Comunist-Marxist-Pres-BHO ! /breaking_news002 B-Black: The Warning: /Hydra-Carnage-Bush-Imperial-War-Making /Best-Way-to-Rob-a-Bank-Is to-Own-One !