nedir Wrote:
Oct 07, 2012 8:42 PM
Romney needs to beat Obama at the foreign policy debate, But M-R must also show a balanced approach, that "he doesn't want" to have; conflicts, to go to war anywhere using our militaries men, spending anymore huge-amnts-of-$$, especially in the war-torn ME ! This is important in order to get enough Independent, women, Constitution, Libertarian voters to agree-decide-to ditch the, "Communist-Marxist-Socialist, Collossal-Misleading-Lying, Pro-99%-anti-1%-Anti-War-Sloganed, Populist-Propagandist, Mass-Illegal-Alien-Invasion-Amnesty-Advocating-Enabling-Facilitating-By-Executive-Orders-Commander, Corrupt-Lying-Democrat-Chicago-Machine-Politician-O'bamanation-of-Desolation !" And vote for the much more pro-US-American mod-Cons M-Romney !