FA Wrote:
Oct 07, 2012 6:37 PM
As the wife of one of these rendered obsolute white males between 35-64 - I object strongly to the allegation that they do not want to take a position "beneath" them. While my husband was not in the financial sector, when his business failed, he was 49. He had several jobs at his level, none long-lasting, at chaotic companies with revolving door hiring-and-firing, and finally found that at age 54, he couldn't get even so much as a job in a warehouse as a stockboy, or making photocopies at a Kinko's. After spending 1 1/2 years applying for any and every job, he decided to do something else, and is now self-employed. We barely survive, despite my working, and we have no health insurance, life insurance, etc. There is HUGE age prejudice.