MicahStone Wrote:
Oct 07, 2012 6:30 PM
Paul Ryan against bumbling Bite-Me biden! Ryan is to Bite-Me as Einstein is to Forrest Gump - with a mentally debilitating brain aneurysm. In just FOUR (4) days, Ryan will do to Bite-Me what Romney did to OBOZO. Given the way Ryan intellectually wiped-the-floor with OBOZO on healthcare, I can't wait for him to debate the even more mentally-challenged half of that team. Even the d-cRAT stooge of the socialist media who will be the debate "moderator" (aka, "d-cRAT helper") will be hard pressed to twist and contort the questions to try and give Bite-Me an advantage, since every time that fool opens his mouth he proves that he is, indeed, a fool.