jkacan Wrote:
Oct 07, 2012 3:17 PM
To daniel mitchell,how you can assure Nobama win States and electoral college?That before of election?many poll was doing only with 9% of voter,when many election before was oner 35%.9% not reflect nothing,what I thing is a money Dems is still working well any where.Do you thing a normal American voter are idiot?I don't thing so,a liberal yes is idiot evil,but here are in a table two very important point for what Nobama is will loose,1) economy,2)job and illegals immigration,plus 1/3 of voter believe Nobama are not American citizen.I know personal many peoples who are hate illegals,because can't found job,and in OH not a mayority are liberals,mayority are GOP,if mayority liberals?how two years ago we elect a all politician GOP in a State?