The Common Conservative Wrote:
Oct 07, 2012 8:17 AM
Sorry Daniel, but OHIO will go Romney. As will Wisconsin. The Republicans in Wisconsin are STILL in place from the Walker recall win. THAT never went away as the press for Republicans to win the Presidency in that state is strong and the fervor is still there. Not to mention that in many of these "battleground" states, the requests for REPUBLICAN absentee ballots is nearly 2:1 over Dems, you are missing the "enthusiasm" gap that Owebama is lacking. Look at the rallies in these states and the attendance. Romney is 3:1 or more in attendance. THOSE numbers speak volumes. Here in Jacksonville, Romney turned out over 8,000. Owebama couldn't get 2,500 and they had to move his venue to avoid looking like a flop. And that was BEFORE the debate