luci8 Wrote:
Oct 06, 2012 9:35 AM
The ONLY way 0'Bama can win in November is, if he keeps his "echo puppets" on their "sugar high" so they can't think! He will sweet talk them until ("mostly women") their NOSE runs sugar! By the time they realize their two BRAIN cells need protein, and haven't had any for four years, it will be over! And he will be the bungling, inept, inexperienced, unskilled, arrogant, egotistiacal and haughty person we saw at the Debate! If he DOES win, after November you will see an entirely different 0'Bama! He will no longer have to play nice for votes, ask for permission, and with all the "plants", Tzars, appointees, friends, fellow markist, communist, radical frauds, he can sweep through our Country with a pavement roller! VOTE Conservative!