Tionico Wrote:
Oct 06, 2012 1:48 AM
so, you are expecting your elected government officials to take care of you cradle to grave? Sorry, that's NOT their buisiness, that is NOT amongst the "enumerated powers' assigned to the Central government by our Founders. No, you are to apply yourself, worki, use your God-given skills and abilities to take care of yourself.. grow up and DO IT. It is NOT your "Washington Nanny's" assigned task to mind YOUR business. NONE of the areas you named are assigned to the FedGov in the Constitution. So, why do you think they should do it? Because some vote-grubbing corrupt politicians have, in the past, decided they should? Wrong.... FedGov should NOT tend to ANY of those things. I've been minding them all myself for many years, out of MY pocket.