kgsnccc Wrote:
Oct 05, 2012 2:36 PM
Interesting but it's a more complicated & uncomfortable question. If you want a man to fight and work for something he's got to be convinced it's worth working and fighting for. If I were a man I think I'd agree that the kind of families they're likely to have in a post-feminist world aren't worth it. 12-year-olds having Monica-Bill style sex raised by mothers as foul-mouthed and sexually depraved as men~who would sacrifice for that? Often the women are worse~just watch the shocked look on Bill O'Reilly's as the supposedly conservative women "culture warriors" commonly champion moral relativism and even cheer You-Go-Girl for Madonna & Lady Gaga no matter how blasphemous or raunchy their antics. These are "the hands that rock the cradle."