Vito29 Wrote:
Oct 05, 2012 9:38 AM
"In these tough times"! There is absolutely no fiscal responsibility, accountability or restraint on the part of this president. If the lefties are so outraged by the cutting of PBS funding, then WRITE A CHECK! WRITE A LARGE CHECK! The American taxpayer can no longer afford the luxuries. With a $16 Trillion debt and climbing, it's time to look at each and every spending item. Billions wasted on Green Energy schemes, EPA Department sated with rules, regs and employees, Dept. of Energy sated with rules, regs and employees, government employment up over 11% since Obama took office, over 10,000 govt employees making over $175,000 yr vs 2007 when less than 2,000 employees were making as much. Mama Mia it's nuts!