Gary 56 Wrote:
Oct 05, 2012 9:11 AM
Romney destroyed the 'BIG O' lie for all time. Hip hip hurray ! The emperor has no clothes. Barhama may still be a legend in his own mind, or in the minds of those drones he whips up at campaign stops where no one can hold him accountable for his lies. However, for those actual taxpayers (not the documented 47% dead weight) who pay the bills, it is now clear that without his teleprompter Barhama is a petulant dummy . A real empty intellect. Slow on the uptake. Easily distracted. A habitual liar. Your average Demoncrat. Barhama showed himself for what he is,... a mind-numbed, lying socialist ideologue with the skills of a demagogue. Want a new CSA (Communist States of America)... vote Barhama Want freedom,... vote Romney