Scott1205 Wrote:
Oct 04, 2012 11:03 AM
People are wondering why the men are dropping out of college? Really? 4-5 years of being told you're a horrible human being for being born with a dong (real term was blocked)? You're white too? Then you are the lowest scum of the Earth. Why would men want to subject themselves to this? Besides college is for most degrees a wasted four+ years of Leftist indoctrination that you'll spend the next 10 years paying back. It sucks to come out of school $40k-$120k in debt before you've even bought a house and then have difficulty finding a job to pay it back when the fact that you have a dong and aren't black or latino puts you at the bottom of the candidate list. Abolish AA and end the indoctrination and you'll see more males in college.