Dale455 Wrote:
Oct 04, 2012 9:16 AM
Talk abuot NERVE! Why don't you try to be honest. Ms. Coulter was not "mocking the victims of racism" in her article, but was mocking the whinning, emanating from the pieholes of ignorant, race-baters such as yourself. The Eva Braun reference was classless, but seems to be the modus operendi of the totalitarian Left. If we are such a racist country as you & others of the ignorant chattering class contend, why is it that people from Asia come here, and without, family support, knowing the language, or even understanding the culture, able to prosper? I'll tell you why, since you are one of the "blame America firsters"; it is because these individuals come here and are willing to work their tails off, rather than demanding entitlements.