fworley681 Wrote:
Oct 04, 2012 9:04 AM
Well, its a bit more complicated than that. - Women have decided that men must be what they want us to be in order for the world to be perfect. This logic is based on emotion, not actual thought. Men have been spit on, trampled, tossed out, ignored, hated for being men, robbed blind and forgotten and women expect us to be happy with it. Honestly, I was a young egalitarian and the older I get the more chauvanist I become. A recent study in Europe of all places indicates that 'equal gender roles' at home actually lead to more divorce. Women can't stand it when they win, hate us when they lose and equal compromise is simply unnacceptable. That's becasue women are nuts! Maybe we should go back to the old roles - it seemed to work.