kmiller323 Wrote:
Oct 04, 2012 8:58 AM
Actually, Jesus never uses the word "hell." In fact, the word "hell never appears anywhere in the Bible. In the OT, you have the word "sheol," which was simply the place of the dead. In the NT, the term Jesus uses is "Gehenna," which was a valley just outside of Jerusalem that had a cursed history going back to the prophet Jeremiah. The other New Testament writers use a cluster of words taken from Greek mythology--Apollyon (the angel of the bottomless pit), Hades (the Greek realm of the dead) and Tartarus (the lowest part of of Hades where the Titans are chained). None of these equate to our modern idea of hell. Watch "Hellbound?" to learn more about the history of this idea and why so many people disagree with Michael's view.