8411c Wrote:
Oct 03, 2012 8:57 AM
I am firmly under the belief that our late Ambassador was set up for assassination--by Owebambi and Hillary. Why? Because they planned to use this "bump in the road" to declare war on Libya, thus--in their own minds--ensuring Owebambi's re-election. Unfortunately for them, the timing of the "event" as it "unfolded" was all wrong. They couldn't plan their escape out of a paper bag with a working flashlight and step-by-step directions. We were, right now, supposed to be all caught up in this manufactured "war" making it easier for the mainstream media to gloss over all the holes in their "story". This, in my mind, makes Owebambi and Hillary complicit in the murders in Libya. Aiding and abetting for political gain. Treason.