md'truth Wrote:
Oct 03, 2012 4:38 AM
The 2011 tax return shows that he can't be trusted. In order to fulfill his claim that he paid "at least" 13% Willard didn't take $2.5 million in deductions. If he had taken all the deductions he was legally able to take he would have paid 10.4%. Willard says America should "trust" him, that he paid at least 13% for the past 20 years. Curious that in order to pay 13% he cut his deductions. Only fools would think he did the same on returns he didn't release. Willard doesn't give because he's generous, he gives so he can cut his taxes. 4 months ago he said if he didn't take all the deductions he was allowed to take by law then he wasn't qualified to be President. I agree with Willard in this case, he isn't qualified to be President.