TruthorDie Wrote:
Oct 02, 2012 7:08 PM
Oh, Yeah! “JUST A BUMP IN THE EARTH” [Have the PREVENTABLE deaths of our Benghazi staff taught us anything? Chris Stevens et al. ] He was a "bump in the road", Now a bump in the earth. While we join with his family in grief. He foresaw grievous danger, But petitioned in vain, To "THE WON" who could offer relief. His defiled remains now shout: “TRAITOR, As his life and his faith are besmirched, By appeasement, even tribute, to killers, Who laugh at his blood on their earth. May we find some small solace in learning Those harsh lessons now known from his death: If you’re under attack when Barak’s got your back, Then you know that you’ve breathed your last breath.