apilgrim Wrote:
Oct 02, 2012 5:54 PM
No, Ryan is not the nut. Roe v Wade was decided in court. The woman, Norma McCorvey, who's case was heard claimed she was gang raped, and she was poor. She was not gang raped. She lied and has admitted it, and is ashamed she did. the Doctor who was involved in the case, Bernard Nathanson also lied. He lied about the numbers of women who supposedly died from back alley abortions. He had a complete change of heart and left the abortion business to help change the consequences of his actions. We are and were a pro-life nation. This horrific business was not made law by the people but only a group of bitter people who hated something good about us. They took Norma's case to the Supreme Court and the Court made the law. We will change the law.