Oct 02, 2012 8:38 AM
John, one of your better columns. Very close to the way I see it, as I am 71 and was one of the people who found my own way through hard work and never depending on any freebies. I was never taken care of by a union, and earned every rung of the ladder I climbed. But, These last 2 to 3 generations have been progressively Dumbed Down into a pathetic, lazy, fat, do nothing bunch who should not even be allowed to vote. Virtually every person I know 10 years to either side of me feel the same. Worse, they say that many of their own children and Grandchildren are in that Dumbed Down group. I worry greatly John that it may be 4 to 12 more years before they realize they have killed the Goose that layed the Golden (age) Egg.