jheath Wrote:
Oct 02, 2012 1:22 AM
After 60 years of abortion, divorce, drug addictions, rock 'n roll and the complete upheaval of society from a God-fearing society just after the major wars of the 20th century into what we have become today, God has come to the conclusion that we don't really believe in Him, and He is giving us what we deserve, a black, 5th columnist Muslim whose father's dreams are now taking shape into reducing us to a 3rd world county like Kenya. Penance? Jazz to Motown to Rap to ... we have been indoctrinated into black sociopathic practices. The destruction of the family, bed hopping, women wearing men's clothing, the complete rejection of keeping the Sabbath holy (prayers all day, no shopping, etc.) and you expect a nation like that to survive?