Jo119 Wrote:
Oct 01, 2012 10:49 AM
BTW: my post below should be delivered to Obama with a smile and as a "Zinger", because I'd almost bet my own life on it, "that Obama is going to have a number of Zingers ready for Romney. Obama is "going to use the Alinsky Method of "Rules For Radicals" which he will USE ridicule against his enemy, as no one can fight ridicule....we've SEEN/HEARD Obama do THIS MANY TIMES AGAINST HIS 'NON-VOTERS, PEOPLE WHO CALL HIM OUT, OR THE ENEMIES, AS HE CALLED AMERICAN PEOPLE. OBAMA TAUGHT ALINSKY'S "RULES FOR RADICALS" TO HIS ACORN PEOPLE, SO HE USES IT, EACH TIME HE WANTS TO SLAM HIS OPPOSITION. ROMNEY SHOULD BE READY WITH MY POST BELOW, AS "HE CAN USE OBAMA'S OWN METHODS, AS ROMNEY NEEDS TO BE QUICK/SMILE & LEARN HOW TO STREET FIGHT.