Jo119 Wrote:
Oct 01, 2012 10:42 AM
I would suggest that Romney has a few lines ready for Obama on the 47% that Romney said is Obama's base, because Obama is Definitely going to THROW that in his face. Obama has already started by saying "I'm the president to ALL people". Well, that's NOT TRUE by HIS OWN WORDS as you'll recall, when Obama DID use Saul Alinsky's Rule of Ridicule when he Called American Citizens "TEABAGGERS", when HE(Obama) CERTAINLY KNOWS THAT THIS IS A HOMOSEXUAL TERM FOR WHAT THEY DO TO EACH OTHER. Romeny should call OUT Obama on HIS calling some Americans "the Enemy,AND Teabaggers,: IN RIDICULING THEM AS ALINSKY RULES THAT YOU FOLLOW. YOU KNOW THAT IS A SEXUAL DEVIANT TERM, MR. PRES., RIGHT?AND, YOU 'TAUGHT THESE METHODS TO ACORN PEOPLE, RIGHT MR.O?