jweatherspoon Wrote:
Oct 01, 2012 9:09 AM
I don't give a care what/who you are. The "outdated science" as the author termed it, has merit. Have you witnessed the video graphic evidence of bio responses that occur within the female body. A woman's cervix indeed performs some amazing contortions and gyrations when the vagina is encroached. EDUCATE yourself before slinging mud. Legitimate v forcible…one word = lame excuse! Todd Akin's a man of INTEGRITY and sound moral convictions. He also assisted us when all others chose to turn a blind eye to my wife's dilemma. The MSM and the democrats are using a ONE WORD attempt to assassinate Akin…preposterously dangerous, suggestive of Salem Witch Trials. McCaskill is an un-convicted felon through many of her deeds/actions. I choose