senpar Wrote:
Oct 01, 2012 12:34 AM
"America will go to war over-over-again, for-only-1-purpose, the self-interest of the wealthy, most powerful Corporations !" Of the 100 largest world economies 51 are Corps not nation states ! The attack in Libya was well planned, unrelated to a video. The Muslim people are objecting to the Amer-Corp-Govt's control in their region. ADM, Monsanto, a host of other US, wstrn-Corps, are buyng up land in N-Africa, running the locals off, planning enormous farms, usng infrastructre there. This Oligarc-Corp-Govt has evry cornr of the world mapd-out for their control, is capabl of crushng anyone who gets in their way. Aftr the 2008 collaps, the banks should've been restructrd. The Largst US-bnks mng-2-Trln-$$-asts-ea, wer-levrgd-30:1-bfr-crs !